The winner of the competition “Vietnam- where I live” has been found

The winning award of the competition “Vietnam- where I live” has been given to Ms Vu Thi Thanh Thu. She has excelled over 500 participants to become the winner of the competition this year. She has won the competition thanks to her passion, effort and creativity despite her not having joined any Art classes before.

Thanh Thư (thứ 3 bên trái) tại Lễ trao giải Cuộc thi “Việt Nam – nơi tôi sống” 2017

The competition “Vietnam-where I live” is ran by Vietnamese Student Newspaper and The London College for Design and Fashion. The aim of the competition is to discover and foster young passionate talents in Art and Design fields.

The competition this year has attracted young participants from all over the country domestically and internationally. More than 500 works have been sent to the Committee of Organization with lots of outstanding works that make us feel difficult to choose out the best ones.

Tác phẩm “Một thoáng Hà Nội” của bạn Vũ Thị Thanh Thư giành giải nhất

The work named “A glimpse of Hanoi” has made Vu Thi Thanh Thu become the winner of the competition. Her work brings memorable memories to people when talking about Hanoi. It uses 2 main colors: Blue is the color of peace and red is the color of passion, deep affection that people have for Hanoi.

Thanh Thu shared: “I have collected familiar images and information about Hanoi to create my work. I’m not specialized in Art; therefore, I met some difficulties. I planned to use water color for my work but I didn’t succeed.”

Giải thưởng giành cho Thanh Thư là 5.000.000 đồng tiền mặt và Học bổng toàn phần tại Học viện Thiết kế và Thời trang London trị giá 182.000.000 đồng

Thanh Thu has joined lots of different competitions to sharpen her skills and gain more experiences. She has achieved some certain successes: Being in top 10 of the Graphic Design Competition ran by the Post and Telecommunication University in 2016 and top 20 of the competition “Non-alcoholic” ran by Ford Company. Thanh Thu is currently a second-year student of the Social Sciences and Humanities University


Thanh Thu gives her advice to young future participants: “Just show what you have got and be self-confident. If you have passion for anything, just go for it. I plan to study to become a graphic designer or a book illustrator.”

Thanh Thư cùng các bạn giành giải thưởng trong Top 4 cuộc thi năm nay