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If you wish to become a Fashion Designer who would have comprehensive knowledge and understanding in all aspects of fashion industry to help you develop your own fashion brand or to work in international fashion companies, this is a real course for you.  This course will build your career in fashion design and development by learning creative design, practical production skills and marketing for work in the fashion design industry.

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Fashion designer Kelly Bui

Over the last 13 years in Vietnam, the London College for Design & Fashion (Hanoi) has built international reputation for fashion training and given many graduate students a valuable start to their careers in the fashion industry such as Kelly Bui, Lam Gia Khang, Vu Ta Linh, Vu Thao, Bobby Nguyen, to name a few.  Practical environment in LCDF- Hanoi will enable immediate graduates to serve in the fashion industry at a wide range of career direction.

Nhà thiết kế Lâm Gia Khang


You will learn how to apply creativity or develop a range of innovative solutions using a wide range of materials and styles. Projects including the design of street wear, tailoring, evening wear and final fashion collection as you develop your work from initial design concept through to the finished garment.

The prominence placed on the evolution of the student portfolio is a significant factor in the course, as the portfolio is the vehicle with which the designer demonstrates his/her abilities throughout their career.

Year one develops fundamental fashion design and business skills, historical and cultural studies, illustration techniques and computer-aided design and business practices.

A first year student’s work from initial idea to production

Study in year two is more focused, with emphasis on experimentation and in-depth project research with 3D development. New skills are introduced such as evening wear design and fashion designers influences, as well as collaborative work with industry. Students complete this academic year with a major project to give them an opportunity to set their own briefs and produce a final collection of garments.

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Hoang Dung Tu won the first prize for ELLE Fashion Road Trip 2016

Students who complete 2 years of study at LCDF – Hanoi are capable to work in the Vietnamese and International fashion industry at different positions such as Fashion Designer, Pattern Cutter, Fashion Manufacturer, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Producer, Forecaster, Stylists, Trend Forecaster, to name a few.

Bobby Nguyễn – sinh viên tốt nghiệp LCDF – Hanoi hiện là Nhiếp ảnh gia thời trang

Bobby Nguyễn- Graduate student from LCDF-Hanoi is currently a fashion photographer

Many LCDF - Hanoi graduates have transferred to the UK to continue their study on BA (Hons) degrees or higher at the following Universities: Northumbria University (Newcastle), The University of West England (Bristol), The University of Middlesex (London) etc., Students are therefore able to experience more of a international lifestyle by studying outside Vietnam

Góc thời trang của sinh viên LCDF – Hanoi tại Anh quốc

LCDF – Hanoi student in School of Design, Northumbria University, UK


Ideas Generation and Development
Visual Communication
Drawing Techniques and Process
Contextual and Cultural Referencing
Pattern Cutting techniques
Garment Construction
Graphic Design in Fashion
Fashion Business and Marketing
Fashion Photography
Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation


LCDF-Hanoi provides a full time bachelor programme including 2-3 years studying at LCDF-Hanoi and 1 year studying at Universities in the UK. Many LCDF graduates have transferred to the UK to continue their study on BA (Hons) degrees or higher at the following Universities: Northumbria University (Newcastle), London University of the Art (London), The University of the West of England (Bristol), The University of Middlesex (London), The University of Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire), to name a few.

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Teaching encompasses design studio practice, formal lectures, group seminars, tutorials, exhibition and store visits, presentations and practical workshops.

Assessment occurs at the end of each academic term with informal critiques held at appropriate times throughout the year.

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Lecturers at LCDF - Hanoi are professionals from universities in the UK with both teaching and industrial experience.

garth armitage – director of studies
Garth Armitage
Director of studies
Le thi Ngoc Uyen
Programme leader - Fashion design
May Cortazzi – Head of fashion design
May Cortazzi
Head of fashion design
Donna Bramhall - Giảng viên thiết kế Thời Trang
Donna Bramhall - Design lecturer
Vivienne Austin - Design lecturer
Vivienne Austin - Design lecturer

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The employment potential is very wide in the fashion industry, and the personal portfolio with which the student leaves, should demonstrate a bias to a chosen profession.

Fashion Design, Pattern Cutting, Production, Fashion Drawing and Illustration, Fashion Marketing & Promotion, Styling, Trends Forecasting, Fashion Buying and Merchadising.


Nhà thiết kế Kelly Bui Kelly Bui (Vietnam)
Self-employed, Kelly Bui Fashion Brand

“Thanks to LCDF–Hanoi. I come here to remind me of my student time and to meet with many future designers whom designers for Kelly Bui brand.”
Diego Cortizas (Spanish)
Self-employed, Chula Fashion Brand

“Great teachers, nice space, helpful staff and as well the mates are so interesting that I always learn more that I was expecting"
Vu Ta Linh (Vietnam) - Fashion Designer Vu Ta Linh (Vietnam)
The first Vietnamese winner in Star Creation 2013, LCFS graduate in 2012
“LCDF is always my family, supporting me to access to international fashion design competitions, experiencing life and gaining further knowledge.”
Nicky Vu (Việt Nam)
MA Fashion, Central Saint Martins – UK LCDF graduate in 2012

“I feel very excited with the valuable learning experience I receive every day. LCDF- Hanoi is the best design college in Hanoi that I have ever known that has supported and encouraged me to continue studying abroad.”
Nicky Vu (Việt Nam) Thạc sỹ Thiết kế thời trang
Lam Gia Khang,Fashion Designer Lam Gia Khang
Fashion Designer

“Creative environment, experienced teachers and great facilities, LCDF – Hanoi is the best place to help me to fulfill my dream”


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You should have the followings:

- High School Graduate or an equivalent international foundation course qualification which includes art and design

- English language certificate of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. If you are not a national of a majority English speaking country and haven’t completed a degree in English, you’ll need to provide evidence of your English language ability to study with us. English for Design courses are available before and during the course for students who need to improve their English level to study with us.

- Have ability in drawing or illustration or show interest (through interview). For students who are not based in Hanoi, portfolios and interviews can be done via Skype or submitted electronically.


  • VND 68,500,000 per term, 3 terms per year
  • VND 182,000,000 per year


In order to encourage Vietnamese and international students who have the talent and passion in Fashion Design and support them to complete their studies with the best experience of the UK creative design training environment in Vietnam, London College for Design and Fashion (Hanoi) offers tuition incentives and scholarships opportunities for outstanding students.

  • - VND22,850,000 (Equivalent to US$1000) reduction in fees for students starting in September 2018 whose full fees are received on or before 31st May 2018
  • - VND 11,450,000 (Equivalent to US$500) reduction in fees for students starting in September 2018 whose full fees are received on or before 31st July 2018
  • - VND 5,700,000 (Equivalent to US$ 250) reduction in fees for students starting in September 2018 whose full fees are received on or before 15th August 2018


You can apply the course online or obtain application form from our college.

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