An introduction to the designing of interior space

This taster session will provide students who love Interior Design an opportunity to experience, through creative play, some of the innovative ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ thinking approaches applied in the process to creating imaginative interior environments.

The workshop session includes two hours of fast track thinking and doing tasks undertaken individually, in random pairings, and in a group collaborative competitive 3D challenge. Each thinking and doing task has increasing demands to set time frames that produce physical outcomes that cannot be right or wrong, just different. It is a set of fast tasks where time restrictions encourage decision making, intuitive response and the use of visual, spoken and 3d modelling to communication creative spatial ideas to a given criterion.


The workshop session structure:

  • Introduction talk
  • Task 1: ‘in the box out the box thinking’- 20 mins - group
  • Task 2: ‘translating’ – 20 mins - individual
  • Task 3: ‘seeing and interpreting’- 30 mins – pairs
  • Break
  • Task 4: ‘creating and manipulating 3d space’- 50 mins – group
  • Round-up

The outcomes from the session will include:

  • A set of 4 tangible creative outputs that include a list of creative functions to a given 3D object, a response diagram, a visual montage representation and a 3D spatial model.
  • Participants will also gain experience of working collaboratively in creative spatial thinking and doing tasks.

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