Webinar: International foundation: Arts and Design - A great opportunity to top design schools worldwide

International Universities courses in Art and Design requires portfolio evidence to determine the quality of your application, meeting the minimum entry qualifications, and satisfying the selection criteria through the quality of a portfolio of work.

International Foundation: Arts and Design programme will provide background knowledge and efficiently prepare portfolio for a specific course in arts and design at university.

What will you get from the webinar?

  • Meet with our experts to share experience about portfolio preparation and exciting careers in design industry.
  • Find out about the programme of international foundation: Arts and Design at LCDF - Hanoi and students' portfolios that leads to enrolment to top UK design schools worldwide
  • Talk to our alumni about their great experience through this programme.

Our guest speakers

Professor Douglas MacLennan -Executive Dean (External Relations) at LCDF-Hanoi

Meet with our alumnus

Le Bao Chau has just been received an offer to study at 3 top universities in the UK in Graphic Design and Illustration. Winning this success, she will share with us about her experience from study to successful application to the courses in the UK.


“LCDF- Hanoi’s International Foundation program has given me an overview of the design industry. Since I am not a confident and decisive person, this course is a good stepping stone for me to strengthen my motivation.

After completing the course, I find it much easier to research and develop ideas. I have formed a habit of using sketchbooks to record ideas. I also love how I got to learn about other design fields in a very practical way.”

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