Interior Design Exhibition

We would like to invite those who are interested in Interior/ Architecture Design to attend this exhibition. Our Interior Design students have just completed first year of their studies. They are presenting the outcomes from the courses they have studied, including ‘principles’ and ‘methods’ associated to effective practices of interior design.

Event Details

The centre pieces of the display is a series of designed and constructed full sized temporary shelters, created to spend a day and a night in. Their creations followed a 5 stage process method of [1] innovate, [2] develop, [3] test, [4] build & [5] review.

The ‘24 hour shelters’ employed use of ethically considered materials, and built with focussed attention given to principles of ‘purpose’, ‘stability’ and ‘aesthetics’.

In the designing process each student had to take account of the construction material properties and apply a detail consideration to structure principles, user need requirements, manufacturing and assembly logistics.

There are five innovative 24 hour shelters on display and they been created by:-

PHam My Linh, Tring Du Cuong, Cu Viet Dung, Do Phuong Linh and Le Phuong Lien.

In addition to the prototype models, on show in the college foyer, they have displayed in their adjoining practice studio1.3 example of their professional practices relating to visual communications, digital skill development and cultural and historical design referencing projects.

The display presentation provides opportunity to come and see what LCDF Interior design student undertake in their first year, how they go about their practice and what they can produce within such a short period of time. There is also chance to come and see the studio where they work from and learn how influential this interior environment is to inducing creative, professional and future orientated designers.