Fashion Communication & Marketing Graduate Exhibition

The first Fashion Communication and Marketing exhibition event in Vietnam organized by graduate fashion students. The exhibition will bring a clear vision and mission of the fashion industry in Vietnam through the lens of the youth with the desire to connect and inspire people about future opportunities in fashion industry.


Joining this exhibition, you will have the opportunity:

  • View the graduation projects by fashion communication and marketing graduate students
  • Find out about future exciting career opportunities in fashion marketing and communication
  • Fashion marketing and communication campaigns
  • Fashion trends predictions for 2023 – 2024
  • Talkshows and workshops with leading figures in the fashion industry in Vietnam.

The exhibition will correspond to each job in the fashion marketing and communication industry, including:

  • Styling Zone
  • Creative/ Art Director Zone
  • Editor/ Content Creator Zone
  • Marketing Specialist Zone

The exhibition will bring predictions of fashion trends that will emerge in the near future by fashion marketing and communication graduate students throught their research from many sources: international catwalk shows, leading fashion companies, different styles fluctuations on social media

Talkshows and workshops

An opportunity to meet with influential figures in the fashion industry in Vietnam.

Event Registration

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