Media Experimentation

Course Dates

05th Oct 2022, every Mondays and Wednesday x 5 weeks

About this Course

You will be developing various exercises in order to work on observation, composition and coloring skills.

You will learn:

  • Colour Wheel, Hue Scale, Tint Scale and Shade Scale
  • Colour Relativity. Colour Optical Mixing
  • Colour Value, Transparency and Depth
  • Colour Moods, Harmony and Meaning
  • Color and Contextual Studies. Visual Compositions



Mark Shevlane

Graphic Design Lecturer

Mark has a Bachelor degree of Fine Art from the University of Wolver Hampton, UK and a master degree of International Studies from Concordia Irvine University, USA.

He has over 11 years’ experience of international education as a university lecturer and international school teacher in Beijing and Shanghai and recently, Hanoi. He has been the Head of Art at International school of Vietnam, Hanoi since 2016 and also an IELTS and IB Visual Art examiner.

Mark is most passionate about continuous learning, people and servant leadership.


VND 10,900,000

How to Apply

You can apply the course online or obtain application form from our college.
For further information on how to apply, please visit the How to Apply page.

Hotline: 024 37 199 706