Candidates will do research about the most unique and interesting aspects of their home towns. What things inspire you, colours, scenes or decoration? For example: noise, colours, traditional history… all of these are ideas to describe about Hanoi and also other big cities. So how do you describe Hanoi? How do you want people to feel about your Hanoi? What do you tell people about Hanoi? What are special things about Hanoi?

Design a visual art/ logo to identify your hometown using these unique values that you have found. Please make sure that your designs help people to easily recognize your home town through relevant media (real or imagined). For example: the images of signals at the city airport, bus stations, taxi rank, museums, television programmes, sanitation services, uniforms or travel agencies…

Must be presented in A3 paper with hand-drawings

In your notes at the end of the submission, you should explain clearly why you choose these images for identifying your home town (give the reason of choosing a colour, images or anything…)

Le Tuan Kien 1

A typical artwork of “Vietnam – Where I live” competition 2017


Anyone from 15-28 can participate.


  • - The sketch must be drawn in A3 paper (420 x297) with hand-drawings
  • - The sketch must be in colours, only one design per paper
  • - Every page must be numbered in the left top corner. Every page must have the following information at the back of the page at the right bottom corner:Full name, Address, Age, Email, contact number, Picture 4cm x 6cm, Short description about the design (maxium 100 words).

Note: Send/ Inbox the design description to fanpage VIỆT NAM – Nơi tôi sống:


These sketches must be sent to one of the following addresses no later than 31st December 2017:

- Vietnamese Student Magazine office (at D29, Cau Giay, Tran Thai Tong street, Hanoi) via post office.

- London College for Design & Fashion (Hanoi), 98 To Ngoc Van street, Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Ha Noi.

Note: Work of “Vietnam – where I live” competition on your envelop.

Review of the preliminary round is on January 2018. The best candidates will be chosen and contacted in person.

The final round will take place in March 2018 and will include the presentation of the prizes at the end of the ceremony following by an exhibition of the winning designs for the public.


- The most impressive designs of the week will be published in Vietnamese Student Magazine twice per month.

- Candidates who live far away from the exhibition sites will be partly sponsored travelling and living expenses to take part in the exhibition.


- The designs will not be returned to the candidates

- The copyright of the designs will belong to the Organizing Committee.

- Prizes will be given to winners. If candidates reject their prizes or break the rules, the prizes will be withdrawn and decision of the Organizing Committee will be final.