Is this a competition for drawing landscapes/ designing logo?

“Vietnam-Where I live” is not a competition for drawing landscapes or designing logo, this is a competition for designing a visual art to identify your hometown using these unique values that you have found.

What is a visual art to identify my hometown?

Please make sure that your designs help people to easily recognize your home town through relevant media (real or imagined).

For example: the images of One Pillar Pagoda or Turtle Tower remind us about Hanoi. However, you should not draw exactly One Pillar Pagoda or Turtle Tower, you can design symbols to help audiences realize that is One Pillar Pagoda or Turtle Tower and think about Hanoi.


Are design colors limited?

Colors and materials in artwork are not limited. Candidates can use any kind of color (crayon, pencil, water color pens, etc.) and black and white color.

Is description of the design obligatory?

Yes, it is. The information and description of designers will help organizers can contact with them and understand more about the artwork.

Scale of the competition?

“Vietnam-Where I live” is an international competition, foreigners or Vietnamese people living abroad can be part of. However, the artwork must be visual descriptions of the candidate’s home town in Vietnam.

Candidates can submit maximum 03 designs, can all of designs win the prize?

If the candidate submits 03 designs, all of them have its own opportunity to win the prize.

If candidates live abroad, how can they submit their artwork?

Candidates can send their artworks via post office or scan and send to email With the second method, Organizers will interview candidates to make sure that they are designers.

Which address candidates can submit their design? Can these sketches submitted directly ?

These sketches must be submitted directly or sent via post office to one of the following addresses:

London College for Design & Fashion (Hanoi), 98 To Ngoc Van, Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi.

If the candidate send their designs on 31/12/2018 and Organizers received artworks after one week, can these designs be accepted?

These sketches sent via post office before or on 31/12/2018 that have postmark can be accepted.