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Do you know where famous designers get inspirations for their ideas? Art, history, architecture or unique regional culture are endless inspirations for many designers. Vietnam is a country with a long cultural tradition with 54 ethnic minority groups living in 64 different provinces with different lifestyles, scenery and unique colours.

To encourage and nurture the passion for visual art and desire to express ideas in graphics, the Student magazine collaborated with the London College for Design and Fashion (Hanoi) to jointly organize a design competition for candidates who are interested in the creative industry and wish to develop career opportunities in this field. The competition will be launched to help young people update new knowledge of design, especially graphic design and to create conditions for the development of creativity and passion in this field.

Bai Du Thi VNNTS Giai Nhat 2016

The first prize artwork of Vietnam – Where I live competition 2016

Đoàn Thị Điểm hào hứng đón nhận cuộc thi

Students in  Doan Thi Diem high school were excited about the competition 

With the success of the first season, the competition has been launched from 29th December, 2016 to 18th March, 2017 with total prize up to 280 million VND.

Especially, the most impressive designs of the contest will be published in Vietnamese Student magazines twice per month. The final round includes award ceremony and exhibition.

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