Kasia Piechota


Kasia Piechota

Programme Leader - Interior Design & Architecture

Kasia graduated from University of the Arts London, then she has been lecturing on interior and spatial design courses at University of the Arts London and other London based colleges. She has several years of lecturing experience at Higher Education and Further Education level as well as management experience in Art and Design sector. Along her teaching practice Kasia has been working as a freelance interior designer for UK based companies such as DesignScene, VT Architects, B3 Designers on various design projects in residential, hospitality design and design for events sector. Kasia is also an Associate Member of British Institute of Interior Design.

Kasia’s research interests are situated in interdisciplinary approaches to design of public interiors and immersive spaces that can reduce physical, social and cultural boundaries.

Hotline: 024 37 199 706