First, please enjoy this wonderful clip created by Vietnam Television as both an introduction to expat living in Hanoi and also to fashion training – the kind of training that young students are in the market for.

Living in Hanoi, Vietnam’s cultural and political capital, provides both a global and local perspective for adventure. Hanoi has become increasingly popular as an expat destination in recent years and is recognised as a safe place for foreigners to live and work. Hanoi combines both the familiar and the exotic. Street markets mix with international haute cuisine. Enjoy traditional Vietnamese music,rockor perhaps a visiting symphonic orchestra. There is the art off an ancient tradition fused with the modernity of a developing country.

Before or upon your arrival, LCFS can co-ordinate with good and reliable house agents to ensure a smooth resettlement in your new home. Most places are already furnished.


Foreigners in Hanoi are attracted by the dynamic pace of life, the low cost of living and lively culture. You can often find the streets buzzing with activity even at 9pm. Crossing the road can be an interesting experience. Many staff and students own or rent their own motorbikes, and this is a good independent way of getting around once you are used to how the traffic flows. Licences can be obtained locally and LCFS can help you to process the paperwork.

And it is as easy to discover the hill-tribes of Sapa, the tailors of Hoi An, the ancient citadel of Hue, or the commercial buzz of Saigon, as it is to travel to neighbouring Laos, Thailand, Cambodia or Burma or the rest of the Asian sub-continent.

Welcome to Hanoi!


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