Pattern Cutter: Artist of the pieces of paper.

There are many students who fears Pattern Cutting, but do you know that a paper of pattern brings success for the designer and that a pattern cutter is also a talented artist?

Tran Chinh – the student at the London College for Design and Fashion said: “There are many friends of mine who thought that pattern cutting is only boring and complicated stuff, but for me, this is a marvelous method. The designs never become the real garments on the models in the sparkling catwalk without pattern cutting. I feel so excited when I use scissors, rulers and pencil to create Pattern; this seems to be a magician doing her job on the paper.

LCDF-Thiet ke mau

lcdf- thiet ke mau rap 2

Tran Chinh is introducing how to make a stylish Poncho for fashionistas by only one mysterious cutting in the Autumn – Winter fashion trend 2015.

lcdf-thiet ke mau 3

Nguyen Le Thao Suong said that Pattern Cutting is a very hard subject and she needs more time to learn, improve, explore more knowledge and practice to get the highest mark. In her opinion  Pattern Cutting has relation with engineering and logical thinking.

lcdf- Alexander mc queen

Alexander McQueen (a British well-known fashion designer) was very skillful in applying Pattern Cutting. He used his imagination and talented hand to transform the senseless papers into the incredible things. Therefore, his designs are not only presented on the catwalk but also regarded as stellar fashion work of art of humanity.

lcdf- Alexander mc queen2

Designs of Alexander McQueen were inspired by nature with unique silhouettes and creativeness.

lcdf- Alexander mc queen3

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Alexander McQueen had a famous quote that was a favorite one for pattern cutters “You’ve got to know the rules to break them”. This was the way he broke all of rules in fashion design and brought a fresh approach to his clothing.


In the London College for Design and Fashion, Pattern Cutting is a main compulsory module in the Fashion and Textile course. In this module lecturers will teach future designers details of pattern cutting form basic to advanced. From this way, sketching becomes a lively garment by talented designers. Therefore, a pattern cutter is a creative artist.