The continuous trip of the “New clothes, new school year” wishes to spread its footsteps to many more distant and difficult schools. This year, “New clothes, new school year” chose 6 primary schools in the Middle of Vietnam to heat up the bustling atmosphere of the start of school year season with warming hands from lecturers and students of London College for Design and Fashion – Hanoi.

Throughout 4 years, “New clothes, new school year” has designed and produced more than 500 uniforms as well as sponsoring essential things for primary school and kindergarten children prior to start of school year through the support of design and fashion lovers.

On the start of school year 2016, “New clothes, new school year” is surrounded with busy atmosphere to design and produce uniforms for 378 children in 6 primary schools: Muong Long, Huoi Xai 1, Huoi Xai 2, Nam Tot, Huoi Muoi 1, Huoi Muoi 2, Tri Le Commune, Que Phong District, Nghe An Province.


Some uniform designs this year

“NEW CLOTHES, NEW SCHOOL YEAR”  this year has received a total amount of cash worthy 80,000,000VND from companies, partners, parents and students for uniform production and some essential things including footwear, food and learning equipment such as textbooks, grid textbooks, pens and boards to support Tri Le primary students with better studying conditions.

image003 image005

One of the production stages for “New clothes, new school year” at London College for Design and Fashion - Hanoi

In particular for this year, Miss Runner-Up Huyen My has represented the costume on the spirit of “New clothes, new school year”, especially designed and produced by lecturers and students of the college. This meaningful costume was auctioned at the Exhibition and Fashion Show 2016 and supported by Ms. Do Minh Tam – Tam Ky Fashion Ltd. at the price of 15,000,000VND to enhance the humanity sense of the charity program.


Miss Runner-Up Huyen My in the costume of “New clothes, new school year”

More than ever, successful alumni who always concern about the college’s activities have sent warm blankets or shoes, books and pens to enrich the love journey this year. Meanwhile, the students at the college seek for suitable materials for uniform design and production of “New clothes, new school year”. The designers are not only innovative but also have bright souls to enlighten up the society.

Please scroll down below for more facilities images of primary schools at Tri Le Commune, Que Phong District, Nghe An Province:


These primary schools are over 50 km away from the district center with 100% students from H’Mong Ethnic with extremely poor living conditions and complete isolation from outside

image011 image013 image015 image017 image019

Some images from these schools reveal solitary conditions and deficient facilities at the harsh weather borders.

If you come to experience the lives of the children here, there are no proper roads, no electricity, no phone reception, school facilities are deteriorated, all classrooms are made of decayed woods from harsh weather; hence you would understand all the struggles they must overcome just to learn new things… Rain or shine, the children have to pass through miles of dangerous, sloppy and windy roads.

“New clothes, new school year” 2016 continues to accompany with “Fashion and Life” Show on VTV3 – Vietnam Television and Dmax Team Club – Oto Fun Forum, expected to hold on 3 days, from 9th – 11th September 2016, promising to bring meaningful and happy days for the students.

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