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About the course

The new Interior Design course at the London College for Design & Fashion (Hanoi)  will be based upon international standards, focusing upon creative and inclusive Interior Design development. It will be a three-dimensional and materials led course, giving the students the context to understand the spatial, environmental and social issues that are so important within Interior Design in the wider world.

This course offers a unique opportunity to study Interior Design in Vietnam. Students will learn to develop the creative and inclusive design solutions that are required in an industry that is growing worldwide. They will gain an understanding of functional design and how to plan the effective use of space. They will explore and design objects and interiors at all scales. They will learn about the effect of materials and colour on interior spaces and the environmental responsibilities that their design choices have on the well being of individuals and communities. They will acquire the practical skills to visualize and communicate their design concepts to clients and manufacturers.

The continual development of a personal portfolio of work will enable them to demonstrate their abilities to potential employersd

This course will teach students how to generate concepts using design methods and principles that will include primary research and an understanding of context. This will enable students to develop a meaningful narrative about the spaces that they are working within and an understanding of how materials and colour can support their ideas.

The students will use traditional techniques of observation, analysis, sketching and model making to understand the three-dimensional potential of the spaces that they are working with. They will learn the supporting practical skills of measuring, working to scale, technical drawing and visualization so that they can communicate their design proposals clearly.

They will learn to work independently and in teams and will gain valuable insights into the industry through visits, lectures and working with communities. They will have support with both their verbal and visual presentations and opportunities to test their ideas with professionals in the field

Interior Design projects offer an exciting opportunity to work within original architecture to create a different way of using the space. Designs can be long lasting or more temporal and the spatial enquiry can include both inside and outside.

Year One will give the students an understanding of the creative design process and the importance of cultural referencing and research. This work will be underpinned by acquiring the practical skills of measuring, drawing and describing space in two and three dimensions both digitally and through hand drawing and model making.

Year two will build upon the skills learned in year one with more opportunity to work in depth on interior design projects. The students will work with real spaces in preparation for entering employment and will be able to work with real clients.

Teaching styles

Teaching encompasses design studio practice, formal lectures, group seminars, tutorials, exhibition and store visits, presentations and practical workshops. Assessment occurs at the end of each semester with informal critiques held at appropriate times throughout the year.

Career opportunities

The employment potential is currently growing within Interior Design. Graduate destinations include: Commercial Interior Designer, Retail Designer, Exhibition Designer, Interior Decorator, Interior Stylist,

Space Planner, Lighting Designer, Furniture Designer, Project Manager, Draughtsperson

Project work could include: Domestic and Private Housing, Retail Design, Office design, Exhibition Design / Installations,  Design within the leisure and hospitality industries including hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, spas, fitness centres, theatres and entertainment centres.

Sample Modules

Ideas Generation, Visual Communication, Design Method, Design Principles, Contextual and Cultural Referencing,  2D, 3D and Time-based Digital Applications,  Properties of 3D Materials, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Exhibition & Retail Design.

Entry requirements

You should have the followings:

  • High School Graduate or an equivalent international qualification of foundation course which includes arts and design.
  • English language qualification of IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 61 or equivalent. English for Design courses are available before and during the course.
  • Have ability in drawing or illustration or show interests (through interview) .

Fees (USD):

  • VND 68,500,000 per term, 3 terms per year
  • VND 182,000,000 per year 

How to apply

You can apply the course online or obtain application form from our college.

 Further information

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