Unique fashion design warning of environmental pollution, disease and child abuse

The young designers of LCDF-Hanoi have used the most sophisticated fashion to warn about the problems that threaten human life.

Contemporary fashion is performed in unique designs that enhance traditional values and create new artistic values.

Human society seems to be drowned in illnesses; we work until we are exhausted, in toxic environment and polluted air. With natural disasters occurring all over the globe, diseases are also increasingly widespread. That is the thought that haunts Nguyen Thuy Linh and make her create the S.O.S collection.


The idea of the collection comes from cells and organisms that carry the disease when viewed under a microscope

Fashion is not just to wear; it also has an important role to play in society, so the designer wants to convey this "urgent" message to each individual, to change our behavior, to make life better, avoiding disasters caused by human.


Throughout the collection, the designer used elements such as headgear, wide shoulders, and boldly cut and hard-fanged shapes to warn of on-going disaster that exist everywhere in the world.


 Patients suffering from painful illnesses due to habitat damage under the metaphorical image of fashion; the color of black shows the wounds and germ’s surface.


The designer uses beaded techniques, fabric surface treatment combined with PVC, TPU, imitation leather, jersey, velvet and nylon, combined with protective accessories to remind us about serious environmental pollution.


S.O.S collection is street style fashion, aimed at young active men and women.

In addition to the problem of environmental pollution and disease, nowadays, the society is aggravating children abuse (emotional and psychological). Designer Hoang Hong Hai has taken the idea from the perspective of abused children and the story "Alice in Wonderland" to create the collection "Dark World - Alice'grotesque land".


Hong Hai shared, "the collection is the memories, emotions and problems that I care about. I want to make something beautiful that is not superficial, beyond the limitation of fashion.”


Especially, this is the first time that designer Hong Hai has broken the structure in fashion and used many creative materials such as dyeing, bleaching, patchwork, shaping, etc. "Although the risk is very high, I am satisfied with the results I achieved."


The designer wants to remind everyone that: The world is colorful, beautiful with many other kids, but with the kids that have no one care about, the world is darker and thicker.


Stuttering techniques, breaking of shape limits, as well as dulling of cubes have been applied to maximize the idea of the collection. Colors that run throughout the collection are strong and clear colors: white, black, red, and blue. The materials used are 2018 trend materials such as leather, jean, suede and organza. The designer wants to send to the young generation the love of arts and the difference innovation.

Designer Tamara Joseph said: "I witnessed the maturation of the designers. It's like a dream, going from sketch to a final product is surreal." Fashion is not only about art, not just about clothing, it also carries a social mission, which is closely linked to the development, culture, morality and vision of the younger generation. Designers want to use fashion to convey the message of greater humanity to contribute to building better society.