Graduate Design Show

The Graduate Design Show is a special event to showcase our graduate students’ works in Graphic and Interior Design.

From December 13 to 16, 2018, we will be featuring a public exhibition of projects from our Graphic Design and Interior Architecture and Design graduates.

The theme of our 2018 Graduate Show is ‘Futures’, which refers to the concept of time, looking ahead, and our ability to influence the future by actively designing it.

Presenting their personal understanding of the concept through a range of projects, from tactile to digital media, LCDF graduates have embraced the challenge of exploring, experimenting, and expressing their active design of a vision for Vietnam’s future.

Also at this event:

  • Meet directly with graduates and faculty regarding their academic and professional work;
  • Learn more about Student Experience at LCDF - Hanoi;
  • Find out about internship opportunities, studying in the UK and much more.

Event Registration